All Sons and Daughters are a Christian Contemporary Duo group that play rustic sounding folk music, with deep worship songs that will go on for years. . . And they’re coming to ALABAMA!!! And I am so going.. .


The Hands and Feet project.

The Hands and Feet project.

This is a project with a vision ;”First, we will strive to raise a generation of orphaned children who will grow up to reach their God given potential . Second, we will empower first world citizens to partner with us in service at home and abroad.

Currently we are focused on building Children’s villages in the Caribbean nation of Haiti. Each village is built with the dual purpose of caring for orphans and providing a place for partners to come serve with us on short term mission trips. Our villages are lead by American and Haitian staff members who are committed to the Hands and Feet family values”.

Their mission is to care for the orphaned and abandoned children of the world with the love of Christ.

The Jungle

The Jungle is a book written by Upton Sinclair. The book explores the exploitation of immigrant workers in meat shops during the 1920s.

The hardships and abuse spoke of in this book brought forth what we know today as the FDA(Food Drug Administration).